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966R Multi-Channel Rack Test Server

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Key Facts

- Field Certification and Deployment Testing
- Voice Quality Testing
- Tier III Fault Isolation
- Proactive Quality Assurance Testing
- Proactive IMT Testing (ROTL)


For many years Sage has been providing groundbreaking telecommunications test solutions. Our precision instruments have the capability of running multiple simultaneous tests on various telephony networks and protocols.


A Powerful Next Generation Voice Suite The 966R is a powerful multi-channel IP Telephony test server designed to provide service providers and manufacturers a robust test platform to remotely monitor, turn-up, and maintain voice, fax and data services. In today’s environment, test tools need to be cost-effective in both form and function. And with its broad range of instrument quality test features and its ability to be configured as a single or multi-user platform, the 966R can be shared to meet a variety of requirements in a Next Generation environment.