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901A Audio Adapter

Key Facts

- Facilitates connection between Sage 93X series test equipment and cell phone / VoIP phone / PC sound card

- Blocks DC and provides amplitude equalization for the aforementioned connection

*   For more details, please read this document:  901A Audio Adapter Instructions & Specifications



For many years Sage has been providing groundbreaking telecommunications test solutions. Our precision instruments have the capability of running multiple simultaneous tests on various telephony networks and protocols.


The 901A Audio Adapter provides a means of connecting the 93X series of Sage test equipment to cell phone or VoIP phone or PC sound card. Also blocks DC and provides amplitude equalization for this connection.

- Connection jacks: Speaker, Microphone, Handset, Cell Phone, 93x TR, 93x T1R1

- Control switches: Mic/Line, Cell Phone

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