SAGE Instruments Product User Manuals
Universal Cellular Test Tool (UCTT) 8901- Description: The 8901 is the industry’s most advanced and versatile portable test instrument for base station deployment and troubleshooting. The UCTT combines a laboratory quality spectrum analyzer, an innovative antenna tester and fully integrated backhaul test capabilities for E1/T1, Ethernet (10/100/1000), and OC-X.
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960B - Description: With the 960B, developers and operators can place multiple test calls into their networks to flush out real-time, bearer channel performance issues with ECHO CANCELLERs, VADs, JITTER BUFFERs, and overall packet VOICE QUALITY before they become in-service issues.
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966R - Description: The 966R is a powerful multi-channel IP Telephony test server designed to provide service providers and manufacturers a robust test platform to remotely monitor, turn-up, and maintain voice, fax and data services.
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925VST - Description: THE 925VST is a handheld voice over packet (VoP) service qualification tool for field and troubleshooting personnel who need a rapid and reliable installation tool. No return customer visits or truck rolls! With the 925VST, installers place test calls to a Sage responder and perform automated packet voice tests to quickly profile network performance.
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325EV- Description: The 325EV is a Next Generation Packet Voice Responder providing far end test call termination for Sage’s powerful packet voice test suite. The 325EV provides Next Generation service providers a cost effective test solution to Manage, Monitor, Maintain, and Deploy voice packet services.
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935AT - Description: The Sage 935AT Communications Test Set is designed to perform a variety of voiceband and data tests on analog and digital trunk types.
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930i - Description: The Sage 930i communications test set is designed to perform voiceband tests on analogue and digital trunks, as well as cellular test lines.
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(OBSOLETE PRODUCT) 356E - Description: The Sage Automated Local Loop Test System (ALTS) is designed for automatic installation and maintenance testing of local loops. A subscriber’s home or office can be served by a copper loop, a hybrid fiber coax loop, or a wireless loop. Sage provides two key components of the test system; the 923LTS and the central office 356E Plus Responder.
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(OBSOLETE PRODUCT) 375A - Description: The Sage Instruments 375A is a DS1 data stream monitor that performs non-intrusive measurements on both directions of a T1 span. Additionally, the 375A can simultaneously monitor two independent DS1 data streams, allowing each DS1 data stream to have its own framing type and line coding.
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(OBSOLETE PRODUCT) 923LTS - Description: The Sage 923LTS is the field component of the Sage Automated Local Loop Test System (ALTS). The 923LTS initiates loop qualification andbenchmark tests between a subscriber site (or any two wire access point) and a Sage responder located with the telephone equipment at the central office.
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(OBSOLETE PRODUCT) 940RTS - Description: The Sage 940RTS is a complete telecommunications trunk test system in a compact, modular, rack-mount package. The 940RTS remotely performs on-demand and automatic testing on TDM and VoP networks. One 940RTS supports up to 12 simultaneous test sessions.

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(OBSOLETE PRODUCT) 950RTS - Description: The Sage 950RTS is a remotely operated telecommunications test system designed to mount directly in the telephone equipment rack. The system contains a wide variety of diagnostic tools for conducting both on-demand testing and automatic trunk routining operations on analog and digital telephone network structure.
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