Number TA96003 - February 28, 1996

The Software Install Program Doesn't Check Comm Link

PRODUCT - 930A Communications Test Set SOFTWARE VERSION - v4.x, 3.53-V


When attempting to download new software to their 930A's user's may encounter problems due to bad RS-232 connections, and not realize it. This is because the PC software install program does not initially do a full communication handshake with the 930A. Therefore, it may falsely announce "Established Communications with 930A". The typical indication that there is a communication problem is a timeout by the install program, with the displayed message: "Timed Out Waiting for OK".


There is no current workaround, as such.

The simplest solution is for the user to try another RS-232 cable and re-try the download.

Alternatively, the user can test the cable by putting the 930A into remote terminal mode and seeing if he or she can communicate with it using a PC communication program.