Number TA96002 - February 23, 1996

In PCM D/I Mode, Menu Opt 22 Can "Dump" T1

PRODUCT - 930A Communications Test Set SOFTWARE VERSION - v4.06-02


If you "cold boot"1 a 930A and configure it for PCM Drop/Insert mode, going to Menu Option 22 (Absolute Delay) causes it to lock up, then reboot with the display: "Watchdog! KEYTASK <Key>". If the 930A is connected to a T1 circuit, the reboot "dumps" the T1 span.


After a "cold boot", configure the 930A for PCM Drop/Insert mode. Then, press the "Send Tone" button once, just before pressing the "Option Menu" key and entering "22". You only need to do this procedure once after a "cold boot". Thereafter, the unit will accept Menu Option 22 without locking up and rebooting. You can even turn the 930A on and off after this procedure (as long as you don't do another cold boot) and it will not lockup in Menu Option 22.


Engineering has been notified, and this problem has been entered into Sage's DCS (Defect Control System).

Notes: 1. To "cold boot" a 930A, turn the unit off, then depress the "Trunk Type" button while turning the unit on. When a 930A is cold booted, all user setups are returned to factory defaults