Number TA96001 - February 23, 1996

Using Digit Receiver for Dial Pulse FX, In PCM

PRODUCT - 930A Communications Test Set SOFTWARE VERSION - v4.06-02


When attempting to use Menu Option 4 (Digit Receiver) to capture dial-pulse (DP) digits on FXS and FXO circuits while in PCM access mode, the on/off-hook LED annunciators flicker properly, but no digits are displayed. This problem doesn't occur for DTMF nor MF digits.


Setup the PCM as you normally would (i.e. select FXO, Loop-Start). Then, go back into the PCM setup mode and, instead of selecting FXO, select "Defined". Once you've selected "Defined", you don't have to go any further, just press "Exit" and go to OPT 4 (digit receiver). It will now receive and record the incoming DP digits.


Engineering has been notified, and this problem has been entered into Sage's DCS (Defect Control System).