Number TA95002 - December 6, 1995

SDR V2.82 Install Can Corrupt AUTOEXEC.BAT


When properly installing SDR v2.82 on to a drive other than the "C:" drive, the INSTALL program will delete all but the first line of the existing AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Note that this problem only affects the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. There is no danger in allowing the INSTALL program to modify your CONFIG.SYS file.


When choosing to install SDR V2.82 in drive "D:", the SDR INSTALL program asks you whether to add "SET SAGESDR=D:\SAGESDR" to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. If you answer "yes", the "SET" command is added, however all but the first line of the AUTOEXEC.BAT are deleted in the process. Fortunately, the INSTALL program properly saves a complete copy of the original AUTOEXEC.BAT file as AUTOEXEC.01.


You can tell the INSTALL program NOT to modify your AUTOEXEC.BAT file and, instead, use a word processor to manually add SET SAGESDR=D:\SAGESDR to it. Note: If you use a word processor, be sure to save the file to the root directory of the "C:" drive as (SAVE AS) an ASCII DOS text file. Saving it as a native word processor file will make it unreadable by DOS and will result in unpredictable results.