Number TA95001- November 30, 1995

ACTS Controller & Compaq Power Management

An incompatibility exists between ACTS software and the Power Management utility recently incorporated in the Compaq Prolinea computer line. In order for ACTS software to operate correctly, the Power Management utility in the Compaq must be disabled.

The incompatiblity causes the following problems: After a prolonged period of inactivity on the keyboard and mouse, the computer screen goes dark; the ACTS screen saver is not displayed. Scheduled tests may not execute when expected. Testing may be delayed until someone presses a key, moves the mouse, or dials into the controller via modem. The computer may hang with a dark screen, and require a power cycle to reboot. If any of these symptoms occur, check the PC to ensure that Power Management is disabled.

Computers shipped from Sage with ACTS installed should already have this feature disabled, and should not exhibit any problems. If you have installed ACTS on a Compaq computer, and did not receive it already installed from Sage, you must disable Power Management in order for ACTS to operate reliably.

Some Compaq computers may have shipped from Sage with Power Management enabled prior to this problem being discovered. If you have such a computer, you will need to disable Power Management.

To check the Power Management, or to disable it, perform the following steps:

1. Quit to the DOS prompt.

2. Turn the computer off. Wait 10 seconds.

3. Turn the computer on. Press the F10 function key repeatedly during the boot process, until the Compaq setup screen appears.

Note: If MS-DOS boots normally, and ACTS launches, repeat steps 1-3, pressing the F10 key more frequently.

4. Select ENGLISH, and press Enter or click the mouse.

5. Select Power Management, and press Enter or click the mouse.

6. Use the arrow keys or mouse to highlight the DISABLED radio button.

7. Press the space bar or click the mouse. The DISABLED radio button should be filled-in, and the ENABLED button should be hollow.

8. Select OK using the Tab key or mouse, and press Enter or click the mouse.

9. You will be prompted to reboot the computer. Select OK and press Enter or click the mouse.

10. The computer should reboot with Power Management off. This should resolve the problems.