SAGE 960B Multi-Channel Test Instrument
A Powerful Next Generation Voice Suite
The 960B is a powerful multi-channel IP Telephony precision test instrument combining TDM, Ethernet and Analog interfaces and simultaneous test capability to comprehensively test and monitor Next Generation Networks in Real-Time.
  • Voice Processing & IP Telephony Transparency design verification
  • VoIP service readiness, turn-up testing, and trouble shooting
  • VoIP security monitoring
960B 4 Page Data Sheet. Date: 3-12-200
Release Notes v10.3.10 for 960B & 966R Date: 8-31-2010
Release Notes v5.7.8 for 960A/B Multi-Channel Test Unit. Date: 7-27-2005
Release Notes v5.11.9 for 960B Multi-Channel Test Unit. Date: 12-4-2005
Release Notes v6.4.12 for Release Notes 960B Multi-Channel Test Unit. Date: 5-31-2006
Release Notes for 96x GUI v6.11.1 Date: 11-28-2006
Release Notes v7.4.27. Date: 7-26-2007
Release Notes v7.10.19 Rev2 Date 12-4-07
Software Patch for 96x Software v7.10.19 Date: 12-3-07
96x IP Telephony Set and Test Server v8.6.2 Release Notes Date: 8-7-08

The 960B can generate one or many end-to-end test calls from the packet, TDM, and/or Analog interfaces while monitoring the bearer channel (TDM, RTP, Analog) to flush out real-time performance issues.

  • Passively and/or actively detect & measure AUDIO LEVELS and ECHO
  • Assess voice quality - MOS, DELAY, NOISE, etc.
  • Qualify Echo Cancellers - Dispersive Echo and programmable delay
  • Verify FAX/data modem transparency
  • Verify VAD, Jitter Buffer, Comfort Noise, silence suppression performance
  • Emulate Fax and True IP phones with jitter buffers and real RTP
  • Filter, decode and analyze RTP/RTCP
  • Detect and monitor rogue/illegal VoIP calls

Whether you are a Next Generation operator or designer, the 960B reduces rollout and design cycle time for new packet voice services.

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Applications and Capabilities
Echo Cancellation Performance
Passive Echo Monitor (INMD ITU-P.561)
Multi-Echo Detection
Echo Level, Echo Delay
Echo Canceller Disabler Tone(s)
Dispersive Echo Emulation
Double Talk Test and Emulation
Echo Cancellation Convergence Testing
Echo Cancellation Depth
G.168 Test Suite and Echo Can Control
Voice Quality and Telephony Transparency
Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
One-way and Round Trip Delay
Comfort Noise Level (CNG)
Audio Level (Gain/Attenuation)
Jitter Buffer Performance
Packet/Frame Loss (% Average burst length)
DTMF/MF Verification
Fax Transparency
V.xx Modem Transparency
RTP Traffic Generation
Call Loading
Digital Facility Turn-up & Validation
Multi-Channel BERT and Fractional E1/T1
Test Interfaces
Two T1/E1 - 48/64 Simultaneous Tests
Four T1/E1 - 96/124 Simultaneous Tests
Dual 10/100 BT - 128 Simultaneous Tests
Quad 2-wire FXO
Dual 4-wire Dry
Call Setup Signaling
Passive Monitor
SIP Call Monitor
RTP decode and Monitor
RTCP decode and Monitor
Echo Level and Delay
PRI-ISDN Call Monitor
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