950RTS Application Server includes:
20 slot backplane chassis,
Intel Pentium processor
2 simultaneous users standard (16 optional)
TCP/IP networking,
10Base-T ethernet LAN interface,
1.44 MB FDD
10 GB storage,
2 serial I/O ports,
Keyboard interface connections.

Next Generation VoP Test

Packet Voice Impairment Test (PVIT)
Echo Sounder
Test Lines
Bellcore/Telcordia, GR-822 100, 102, 105 and 108
23-Tones (ALTS)
ITU 0.22 ATME (Echo Canceller)
Digital Facility Tests
DCS TAD and FAD Control
VF Transmission Measurements
Complete IEEE-743 Advanced TIMS
Enhanced TIMS for Fax/Modem Qualification
Remote Audio
OSS & Test OS Integration and Support
Provides TCL API Interface & Library for Integrators
Sage Command Language SCL Developers Page
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