SAGE 950RTS Remote Test System
 Product Advisory
End of life announcement.
Support for the 950RTS ended December 31, 2005
Please call Customer Service 831-761-1000 x 3304, for options.
For Sales Information Call...831- 761-1000...Press 2.
950RTS meets all test applications associated with:
Trunk Testing
DACS Controlled TAD/FAD
Echo Cancellers
Director and Responder GR-822
Advanced TIMS
Applications Include:
VoP Service Level Agreement
Verification (SLA)
Bellcore/Telcordia GR-822
QoS Automatic Trunk Routining
Echo Canceller Testing and Routining
Digital Facility Testing
Local Loop Qualification
VF Transmission Testing
Fax/Modem Qualification
Supports OSS and Test OS Integration


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