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Echo Sounder and Echo Generator Test Specification
Next Generation Voice Quality Tests, PVIT & PSQM
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Wideband TIMS

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Tutorials and White Papers
New IP Telephony Transparency Test, MoIP, Fax, Data & Voice
Voice Quality Tests For Next Generation Packet Voice Networks
V.90 Modem Protocol Analyzer White Paper
Fax Emulator Test White Paper
DS-0 Integrity Test White Paper (SPBERT)
ATME Responder Tutorial
SMOS (Sage Mean Opinion Score) White Pape
G.168 White Paper
Packet Voice Impairment Test White Paper
Echo Sounder & Echo Generator White Paper
Perceptual Speech Quality Measure White Paper
Application Notes

Using Sage SMOS for VoIP Testing, IP Phone to IP Phone

Using the 930A/935AT Digit Receiver/Analyzer
Voice Frequency Measurements on the 930A/935AT
Monitoring DTMF Digits Transmitted by a Phone
Configuring the 930A/935AT for Common PBX Metallic Signaling
Over an ATM Network, Conduct a 105 Responder Test from a Gateway (Class 4)
Switch to a Local (Class 5) Switch
Measuring the Longitudinal Balance of 2-Wire Equipment
Over an ATM Network, conduct a PSQM Responder Test Gateway (Class 4) Switch to Gateway (Class 4) Switch
Conduct a 23-Tone Responder Test over an ATM Network Gateway (Class 4) Switch to Gateway (Class 4) Switch
Help Desk Support Notes

Configuring Connecting the 930A/935AT for Drop/Insert Testing

Establishing monitor only access to a specific PCM channel carrying analog traffic, for the purpose of remotely monitoring the audio on that channel
Establishing a dial-out audio monitoring link to a distant location to allow remote monitoring of the analog traffic carried by the accessed PCM channel
How to set up a 930A/935AT and PC to capture Menu Option 4 (Digit Receiver) results
930A/935AT Communications Test Set Jack/Plug Wiring Table
How to set up a 930A/935AT Communications Test Set to generate DTMF digit strings of desired amplitude and on/off times, for connection to an external recording device
Methodology employed by the 930A/935AT Communications Test Set to measure return loss on 2-wire circuits
Technical Advisories
SDR V2.82 Install Can Corrupt AUTOEXEC.BAT
Using Digit Receiver for Dial Pulse FX, In PCM
In PCM D/I Mode, Menu Opt 22 Can "Dump" T1
The Software Install Program Doesn't Check Comm Link
Version 4.07-03 Is Released!
E-mail: For Sales Information Call...831- 761-1000...Press 2.
935AT transmission features:
Level and Frequency (20Hz - 5000Hz)
Noise (C-Message and 3 Khz Flat Weighted)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Return Loss (2- and 4-wire)
Frequency Sweep
Dual Tone Generator (level, frequency, cadence)
Programmable Echo Canceller Disable Tone
100/102 Test Line
935AT digital features:
1.544 Mbit/s T1 (D4/SF, ESF and SLC-96 framing)
Internal High Stability Clock or Loop Timed
Terminate dual direction drop and insert or monitor modes
Real time display and control of A, B, C, D bits.
uLaw or aLaw encoding
Voltage measurement at Protected Monitor Point
Full rate and 64kbit BERT measurements (G.821 and M.2100)
Generate and detect Alarm and Error conditions
DS0 Loop back with gain control
935AT signaling capabilities:
Loop Start (2/4-wire, contact, normal and reverse battery)
Ground Start (2/4-wire, contact, normal and reverse battery)
E&M Types I-V (Send-M, Send-E)
PCM (Normal, FXO/FXS and CCIS supervision)
Dry (for direct connect with no supervision)
Wink Detection and Timing
Delay and Immediate Dial
DP, MF, and DTMF addressing.
Optional functions include Voice Clarity (MOS) testing, packet voice impairments testing (PVIT), Echo Canceller testing (G.168), 105, ATME and 23 Tones test lines and an SS-7 monitor with ISUP and TCAP. Many other optional features are also available.

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