SAGE 925VST Hand-held VoIP Service Tester
THE 925VST is a powerful handheld voice over packet (VoP)
service qualification tool for field deployment and troubleshooting
personnel who need a rapid and reliable installation tool.
925VST Data Sheet
No return customer visits or truck rolls!
With the 925VST, installers place test calls to a Sage responder and
perform automated packet voice tests to quickly profile end-to-end,
network performance. The 925VST can place and receive test calls
from a 2-Wire analog interface (POTS), or test from an IP
Phone/Digital Phone 4-Wire analog handset interface.
Ensure QoS across the network, qualify ECHO, DELAY, MOS
(clarity) and voice packet loss and much more!

Tune-up and Troubleshoot FAST! Provide outstanding and accruate service fast with the SAGE 925VST VoIP Service Tester.

• Fast, comprehensive VoIP qualification
• Qualify service in less than a minute!
• Next Generation SAGE Voice Suite
• Provides clarity merit score (MOS)

• Measures/adjusts audio level
• Measures background noise

In addition, the 925VST doubles as a butt set and provies automated tests for type 100 and 102 test lines.
Release Notes v3.5012 for Sage 925VST/325EV Responder Date: 7-30-2009
Release Notes v3.5008 for Sage 925VST/325EV Responder. Date: 1-9-2009
Release Notes v2.6000 for Sage 925VST/325EV Responder. Date: 9-10-2004
Release Notes v3.0001 for Sage 925VST/325EV Responder. Date: 2-3-2005
Release Notes v3.1000 for Sage 925VST/325EV Responder. Date: 9-2-2005
Release Notes v3.5000 for Sage 925VST/v3_5000. Date: 6-26-2007
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The 925VST a powerful Next Generation voice suite
Qualify Voice Services
Test the networks ability to transmit distortion free voice in both directions
Provides Clarity Merit Score (MOS)
Measures audio level
Measures background noise
Bad MOS Scores?
Detect and measure packet loss
Detect and measure voice clips
Detect and measure noise hits
Qualify Fax Service
Test the networks ability to transmit fascimile
Sends real fax!
Isolate Echo Problems
Detect and measure echo
Verify echo cancellation
Ensure Customers Can Access Voice Mail
Verify DTMF transmission capabilities  
Verify End-to-End Network Performance and Provisioning
Measure network delay
Measure jitter buffer performance
Verify codec type
Verify phone number translation (automatic callback)
Verify dial tone delay
Measure call completion time (post dial delay)
Verify IAD Performance
Test the IAD's ability to emulate POTS
Measure loop current
Measure ring voltage
Verifies dial tone
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