SAGE 923LTS Hand-held Field Tester

The ALTS system consists of the 923LTS hand-held field unit and a central office component consisting of the single line Sage 356E Plus Responder or multiline 950RTS product. This systems forms the fastest and most comprehensive Automated Local Loop Test System in the industry. A single technician can profile both directions of a Local Loop in less that one minute (additional time required for a 2-way Impulse Noise Test.

Using the 23-tone test as defined in IEEE Standard 743-1995, the system rapidly profiles the transmission characteristics of the local loop. Measurements are compared to a user-defined template containing the acceptable limits. The technician then recieves an immediate PASS or FAIL indication at the subscriber's site.
In addition, the ALTS system can perform PSQM measurements for VoIP voice quality testing, plus a complete test of AC/DC loop parameters, including Loop Current, Voltage, Ring Voltage, and Dial Tone Delay. ALTS also supports automatic execution of classic transmission impairments tests such as Noise, Absolute Delay, Return Loss, Impulse Noise, and Phase and Amplitude Jitter All tests can employ user-defined PASS/FAIL limits.
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 IEEE Standard 743-1995
The 356E Plus central office responder or 950RTS can store more than 100 test session results, and support remote loading of test templates and remote retrieval of test results. The 923LTS handheld unit allows a field techinician to view complete results of the last 10 tests executed.
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