SAGE 94x Series Remote Test Servers
 Product Advisory
94X Remote Test System (End of Life Announcement) Notice Date: August 1, 2010
On November 1st 2010 Sage is announcing the End of Sale and End of life for the 94X RTS product family. As part of this announcement Sage’s will discontinue manufacture and offer a timeframe for a last time buy for product, spare parts and service support. Customers who are under extended warranty contract prior to the announcement will be supported in accordance with the terms of their agreements. Click here for details.
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The 940RTS and 945RTS Remote Test Servers are advanced network test systems in a compact, modular, rack-mount package designed to facilitate on-demand and automatic testing on TDM and VoP networks. Effiicient and cost effective, these multi-functional, multi-user test servers combine DSP intensive diagnostic features with high test throughput capability.

Next Generation VoIP Tests
Packet Voice Impairment Test (PVIT)| SMOS Echo Sounder
Test Lines
Bellcore/Telcordia, GR-822 100, 102, 105 and 108  SMOS  23-Tones (ALTS)
ITU 0.22 ATME (Echo Canceller)

Digital Facility Tests
DS-0 | DS-1 | DS-3 | DCS TAD and FAD Control
VF Transmission Measurements
Complete IEEE-743 Advanced TIMS
Enhanced TIMS for Fax/Modem Qualification Remote Audio

OSS & Test OS Integration and Support
Provides TCL API Interface & Library for Integrators

Release Notes v6 5.2 for Sage 900 Series. Date: 3-2-2005

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 Applications Include:
VoP Service Level Agreement Verification (SLA)
Bellcore/Telcordia GR-822 Test Lines
QoS Automatic Trunk Routining
Echo Canceller Testing and Routining
Digital Facility Testing
Local Loop Qualification
VF Transmission Testing
Fax/Modem Qualification
Supports OSS and Test OS Integration
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