SAGE 375A Dual DS1 Monitor, Replaced by 960B

Signaling Bit Monitor provides simultaneous display of two DS1 streams
Displays signaling bits (A-B-C-D) for 24 channels in both directions
Displays 8-bit data in both direction
Automatic framing to D4, ESF, or SLC-96®
Automatic code detection of B8ZS and QRSS (optional)
Indicators for standard alarms and errors:
LED history mode holds errors or channel seizures for unattended operation
Terminated or bridged span connection

Error Monitor Display provides compliance with CCITT G.821
Dual input jacks for daisy chaining equipment
Access to all error counts (BPV, CRC, Frame, etc.)
Access to all error statistics (errored seconds, severely errored seconds, unavailable seconds, etc.)
Information available as both counts and rates
24-hour data history in 15-minute blocks
RS-232C serial port for remote computer or printer

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375A Monitor Checks Both Sides of a Conversation
Single- or dual-direction monitoring is selectable
Displays 8-bit data in both directions for selected channel
Displays signaling bits for selected channel
0 dBm, 600 Ohm TLP VF output jack and local speaker
Size: 5.25" high x 17" wide x 7" deep
Weight: Net 11 lbs. Shipping 17lbs.
Temperature range: 0-50 degrees Centigrade
Humidity (max): 85% noncondensing
Power: 110-220 VAC 50-60 Hz @ 1.5 Amps or -48 VDC @ 1.0 Amps (option 375A-01)
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