SAGE 325EV Technical Data
SMOS Specification
Echo Sounder and Echo Generator Test Specification
Next Generation Voice Quality Tests, PVIT & PSQM
Tutorials and White Papers
New IP Telephony Transparency Test, MoIP, Fax, Data & Voice
Voice Quality Tests For Next Generation Packet Voice Networks
SMOS (Sage Mean Opinion Score) White Pape
V.90 Modem Protocol Analyzer White Paper
Fax Emulator Test White Paper
DS-0 Integrity Test White Paper (SPBERT)
ATME Responder Tutorial
G.168 White Paper
Packet Voice Impairment Test White Paper
Echo Sounder & Echo Generator White Paper
Perceptual Speech Quality Measure White Paper
Application Notes

Using Sage SMOS for VoIP Testing, IP Phone to IP Phone

Using the 930A/935AT Digit Receiver/Analyzer
Voice Frequency Measurements on the 930A/935AT
Monitoring DTMF Digits Transmitted by a Phone
Configuring the 930A/935AT for Common PBX Metallic Signaling
Over an ATM Network, Conduct a 105 Responder Test from a Gateway (Class 4) Switch to a Local (Class 5) Switch
Measuring the Longitudinal Balance of 2-Wire Equipment
Over an ATM Network, conduct a PSQM Responder Test Gateway (Class 4) Switch to Gateway (Class 4) Switch
Conduct a 23-Tone Responder Test over an ATM Network Gateway (Class 4) Switch to Gateway (Class 4) Switch
Help Desk Support Notes

Configuring Connecting the 930A/935AT for Drop/Insert Testing

Establishing monitor only access to a specific PCM channel carrying analog traffic, for the purpose of remotely monitoring the audio on that channel
Establishing a dial-out audio monitoring link to a distant location to allow remote monitoring of the analog traffic carried by the accessed PCM channel
How to set up a 930A/935AT and PC to capture Menu Option 4 (Digit Receiver) results
930A/935AT Communications Test Set Jack/Plug Wiring Table
How to set up a 930A/935AT Communications Test Set to generate DTMF digit strings of desired amplitude and on/off times, for connection to an external recording device
Methodology employed by the 930A/935AT Communications Test Set to measure return loss on 2-wire circuits
Technical Advisories
SDR V2.82 Install Can Corrupt AUTOEXEC.BAT
Using Digit Receiver for Dial Pulse FX, In PCM
In PCM D/I Mode, Menu Opt 22 Can "Dump" T1
The Software Install Program Doesn't Check Comm Link
Version 4.07-03 Is Released!
E-mail: For Sales Information Call...831- 761-1000...Press 2.
 Ensure Customers Can AccessVoice Mail
 Verify DTMF transmission capabilities
 Caller ID Verification
 2-Wire Analog Interface, RJ-45
 4-Wire Analog Interface, RJ-45
 Ruggedized Case
 Size 5.5” x 1.5” x 8.5” weight 1.5 lbs.
 Power 120VAC/240VAC
 Comport: Single 9-Pin RS-232
 2 and 4-Wire Interface Cable
 Certifications: UL, CE
 Base Unit + all options 7325-0000-01
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